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Hervé Charles (Belgian, lives and works in Brussels) is a photographer and visual artist. He explores the ambiguity of representation, mainly through pictures and videos of landscapes.
Interested by the landscape in transformation, Hervé Charles started to be known by a series of images called “clouds and consequences” in which he revisited the tradition of cloud images. He used several big transparent pictures, superposed them and explored the visual ambiguities of this single element under its different shapes (the cloud, the water, the snow and the ice).
Since then, he kept on developing this concept of ambiguity in series such as “volcanoes” and “marée noire/marée verte*”. More recently, he explored the traces of natural catastrophes in unbuilt areas, such as the Klaus Hurricane or big woods fires (“Panouse”). Parallel to these photographic themes, Hervé Charles developed video work, from the game console (“vapeurs” around images of feminine mouths) to video installation (“waterfall2, waterfall4”).

Hervé Charles has a degree in “Arts Plastiques” from the “Institut St-Luc” (Tournai) and a masters degree in “Arts et Sciences de la Communication” from the “Université de Liège”. Since 2003, he leads the Photography department of “ecole de la Cambre” (Brussels).
He received the second European price of the “Deutsche Leasing Photography Award” and the price of “Prix Photographie Ouverte” in 2001. He regularly exhibits his work in Europe and collaborated with the Lothar Albrecht (L.A. Galerie, Frankfurt Am Main) et Alain Noirhomme (Velge et Noirhomme Gallery, Brussels) galleries. His recent work was shown at Bozar in 2006 in Brussels.